NorZIG context set

Version 1.1 Draft 1, 2010-04-26


The NorZIG context set defines the unique indexes that servers must support to conform to the NorZIG profile for SRU.

The recommended prefix for the NorZIG context set is: norzig.

The identifier for the NorZIG context set is:


Index name Description Bib-1 Use attribute1
creatorNormalized A personal or corporate author, or a conference or meeting name, in normalized form2 1003
personalNameNormalized A person's name in normalized form2 1
possessingInstitution A code or name that identifies the institution that possesses the item 1044


  1. These attributes are fully described in the document Attribute Set Bib-1 (Z39.50-1995): Semantics.
  2. The syntax for a name in normalized form is last name, first name(s), including the comma. Example: bringsværd, tor åge.