NorZIG context set

Version 1.1 Draft 2, 2011-03-02


The NorZIG context set defines the unique indexes that servers must support to conform to the NorZIG profile for SRU.

The recommended prefix for the NorZIG context set is: norzig.

The identifier for the NorZIG context set is:


Index name Description Modifier Values Bib-1 Use attribute1
creatorNormalized A personal or corporate author, or a conference or meeting name, in normalized form2 bib.role 1003, 1004, 6305
humord A term from Humord, which is a thesaurus for the humanities (and adjacent disciplines) in the Norwegian language 6300
materialType A value from BSMARC tag 19$b 6302
nationality A value from the list in Attachment 2 of BSMARC 6304
personalNameNormalized A person's name in normalized form2 bib.role 1, 6305
possessingInstitution A code or name that identifies the institution that possesses the item 1044
tekord A term from Tekord, which is the collection of subject headings used at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) 6301


  1. These attributes are fully described in the document Attribute Set Bib-1 (Z39.50-1995): Semantics.
  2. The syntax for a name in normalized form is last name, first name(s), including the comma. Example: bringsværd, tor åge.