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Ole Husby, BIBSYS

BIB-1 private USE values for Norway

BIB-1 USE values 6300 - 6399 are available for private Norwegian usage. NorZIG recommends the use of the following values. Requests for additional values should be sent to the NorZIG coordinator, and will be considered by NorZIG for inclusion in this list.

Accepted values

USE Name Reference Legal values Date of acceptance
6300 HUMORD subject headings BIBSYS-MARC 698 Access thesaurus (BIBSYS) 2003-03-12
6301 TEK-ORD subject headings BIBSYS-MARC 699 Access subject heading list (BIBSYS) 2003-03-12
6302 Material type BSMARC 019 BSMARC tag 019$b 2006-09-20
6303 Literary form NORMARC 008 NORMARC tag 008 pos33 2006-09-20
6304 Nationality BSMARC (1) BSMARC vedlegg 2 2006-09-20
6305 Relator term BSMARC (2) BSMARC vedlegg 4 2006-09-20

Comments to 6304 og 6305

  1. Nationality applies to author or other person. See X00 $j in NORMARC.
  2. Relator term applies to author or other person. See X00 $e in NORMARC.
Note: It is not possible to "link together" separate USE values when using the BIB-1 attribute set. This means that searching for

Name = "Hansen, Hans" AND
Relator term = "overs."

will not produce citations whith Hans Hansen as translator (which is the meaning of "overs."), but citations containing Hans Hansen as a person (e.g. author) and with a person (possibly another one) with the role of translator.