The NorZIG Profile for SRU

Version 1.0, 2008-05-14


This document describes the NorZIG profile for SRU (Search/Retrieval via URL)1. The profile is based on the NorZIG Z39.50 Profile Version 2.1.

The purpose of the document is to promote interoperability between Norwegian SRU services. The intended audience is implementers of such services in Norway.

NorZIG is an acronym for the Norwegian Z39.50 Interest Group.

Basic Requirements

NorZIG-compliant servers must support the SRU base profile and CQL level 1 in addition to the requirements described in this document.

NorZIG-compliant servers must choose cql.anyIndexes as the default index when responding to term-only CQL queries.

The requirement to support the specified indexes listed in the profile is not absolute, but should only apply when the native database has a mappable index. If one of the required indexes used in a CQL query is not supported in the native database, the server must fail the search and return diagnostic number 16 (Unsupported index) from the SRU List of Diagnostics.

The NorZIG context set

NorZIG-compliant servers must support the full NorZIG context set.

The recommended prefix for the NorZIG context set is norzig and its unique identifier is info:srw/profile/15/norzig-1.0

Indexes from other context sets

In addition to the NorZIG context set, NorZIG-compliant SRU servers must support CQL queries using several indexes from other context sets. These context sets are:

Context setVersionShort nameIdentifier
Dublin Core1.1dcinfo:srw/cql-context-set/1/dc-v1.1
Record metadata1.1recinfo:srw/cql-context-set/2/rec-1.1

The following indexes must be supported:

Index nameContext setAccess point2Bib-1 Use attribute3
datedcDate of publication (year)31
identifierdcISBN, ISSN7, 8
identifierrecLocal Number12

Character Encoding

The response documents from NorZIG-compliant SRU servers must be UTF-8 encoded.


NorZIG-compliant SRU servers must support at least the following record schemas:

Short nameIdentifierDescription
dcinfo:srw/schema/1/dc-v1.1The Dublin Core schema
marcxmlinfo:srw/schema/1/marcxml-v1.1The MarcXML schema
normarcinfo:lc/xmlns/marcxchange-v1The MarcXchange schema4


  1. The acronym SRU refers to the three transport mechanisms SRU via HTTP GET, SRU via HTTP POST and SRU via HTTP SOAP (formerly known as SRW).
  2. The access point names correspond to the names used in the NorZIG Z39.50 Profile version 2.1.
  3. These attributes are fully described in the document Attribute Set Bib-1 (Z39.50-1995): Semantics.
  4. The format attribute of the record elements must have the value normarc.